End-to-end Solution for Distributor to Manage Daily Operational by MyOrion

DMS (Distribution Management System)

Introducing DMS (MyOrion), the ultimate solution for distributors seeking to revolutionize their sales support system. MyOrion is not just an application; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of a distributor’s operations. From a sophisticated cashier application to advanced features such as expense management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, MyOrion offers everything a distributor needs to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

Complete Features

MyOrion DMS stands out with its all-encompassing features that cater to the diverse needs of distributors. The application’s cashier functionality simplifies sales transactions, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout process. With the expense management feature, distributors can easily track and control their spending, optimizing their financial health. The accounts payable and receivable functionalities further enhance this optimization, providing a clear picture of the business’s financial status and ensuring timely management of payments and collections.

Seamless Integration with Klikpeta Sales

What sets MyOrion DMS apart is its seamless integration with Klikpeta Sales, ensuring a smooth order-to-cash process. This integration allows for real-time synchronization of sales data, enabling instant updates on inventory levels, sales orders, and customer accounts. Distributors can effortlessly manage orders from placement to payment, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging the power of MyOrion DMS and its integration with Klikpeta Sales, distributors can achieve unparalleled operational efficiency. The system ensures that every step of the sales and distribution process is optimized, from inventory management to financial transactions. This not only improves the distributor’s ability to serve their customers but also enhances their competitive edge in the market.

DMS (MyOrion) represents the future of distribution management, offering an integrated, feature-rich platform that empowers distributors to manage their operations with unprecedented ease and efficiency. By combining powerful sales support functionalities with seamless integration with Klikpeta Sales, MyOrion DMS guarantees a streamlined order-to-cash process, setting new standards for operational excellence and customer satisfaction in the distribution sector. Embrace the future of distribution with DMS (MyOrion) – where innovation meets efficiency.


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