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PT Klikpeta Solusi Indonesia (PT KSI) is a sister company of PT Ictindo Mitra Solusi (PT ICT). PT ICT was established in 2004, focusing on the area of Geo Information System (GIS) application and has developed own Digital Map of Indonesia, which is very powerful for Location Based Services app. We provide not only the digital map but also professional services, with a brand name of KLIKPETA. Initially the clients were mix of Government Offices (mainly Ministry of Défense) and private sectors (mainly FMCGs), but since early 2022 we created PT KSI to focus only on private sectors, while PT ICT focus on Government side.


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Deliver scalable NOO for profitable growth.

Craft optimum territories & routes for sales excellence.

Streamline delivery routes while minimizing operational expenses.

Create custom SFA solutions suitable for your business.

Identify prime locations to accelerate business expansion.

Build & improve Salesforce WOW (Way of Working).


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