You could have the best product or service in the world, but it will fail if you don't put it in front of the right customers. To maximise your chances of business success, you will need to identify and focus on the most effective routes to your market

RTM is a 'path' or 'pipeline' through which goods flow in one direction (from supplier to the consumer), and the payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction (from consumer to the supplier).” Wikipedia

Requirement for an effective route to market platform :

  • Market-driven
    Route to market platform needs to be designed from the market back instead  of inside-out and must effectively address customer and consumer needs
  • Coherent
    Route to market platform needs to be aligned and integrated with the company’s overall customer service framework including order processing, fulfillment, logistics, billing etc.
  • Balanced
    Route to market platform must enable identification and balancing of three competing priorities:
    • Customer needs and preferences (i.e., “what they want”)
    • Revenue growth (i.e., “what you want”)
    • Cost-to-serve (i.e., “what you want to keep low”)
  • Flexible
    Route to market platform must include a certain degree of flexibility as the original model may require modification based on data captured via a short feedback loop; improvements and adjustments must be made to address any change in market conditions

Our #Route To Market solution is based on the integration of three critical success factors in achieving sales & distribution business goals :


  • Know your customers
    By providing location based information of your customers using GIS application. It consists of street level digital map (on-line and off-line covering +300 cities across Indonesia), customer attributes e.g. geocode, photo and data analysis
  • Support your business process
    By establishing sales force automation and execution tracking. It includes integrated mobile order and territory management on GIS application so you enable to build sales territory planning (route service day and sequence list) as well as monitor the execution thru tracking application
  • Get ready your sales people
    By recruiting and training your sales people to achieve sales target. It provides sales person requirement and create customize in-class and in-field training


SALES FORCE : Recruitment & Sales Training



The simply choose  new employees from applicants who come to them and ask for work. Although this may be a satisfactory policy for a few well-known firms with good products, strong positions in the market, and attractive compensation policies, today's labor market makes such approach unworkable for most companies.

currently,  the case throughout most of  firms that seek well-educated people for sales jobs must compete with many other occupations in attracting such individuals. The worse matters, people have no selling experience  tend to have negative attitudes toward sales jobs.

The Successful salespeople should be continually updated. Most component of successful salespeople are: Mentality, Knowledge, Personality, Physical and Experience.

Our model to provide the salespeople for our customer by doing recruitment process, started from source of talent, general ability test, group discussion and interview


Sales Training

Sales force training is the effort to provide salespeople job-related  culture, skill, knowledge and attitude  that should result in improved sales and distribution performance.

Basically, sales force training is designed to change or reinforce behavior that make salespeople more efficiently to achieve their goal. Salespeople are trained to perform  activities they would not normally undertake. in addition, training is used to reinforce successful sales practice.

The purpose of sales training is to increase productivity, improve morale, lower turnover, improve customer relation and improve selling skill.

Sales Training Topic:

Product Knowledge, Market/ Industry orientation, Company orientation, Time and Territory Management, Technology, specialized Training Topic.

Sales Training Methods:

  1. On the Job Training (Teaming, Meeting, customer interaction, mentoring and peer to peer communication)
  2. Classroom (lecturing, group discussion  and role playing)


# RTM Solution – Related to Products & Services

Product :

  • Klikpeta.SFA
  • Klikpeta.DMS
  • Klikpeta.STREETmap

Services :

  • Survey & Data Collection
  • Recruiment & Training
  • Consultancy