#LBS Solution - Overview

In fact approximately 80 % of all business data are related to location. Businesses manage a world of information about sales, customers, inventory, demographic profiles, mailing lists, and so much more. No matter what industry you are in, business success means making wiser decisions faster than your competition. Being able to understand the market based on location and obtain information quickly so you can take fast action is a key.

#Location Based Services offers  New Business Insight…

New Business Insight ! is solving some questions :

  • Where am I ?, Where are the customers ?, Where are the opportunities ?
    • What are their characteristics ? demographic, classification of residential areas, life style…
    • How to serve my customer & consumer better ? (CRM Mapping)
  • Where my competitors are ?. How much market share can I expect
  • Where should I put a new outlets ?. Should I do the expansion of existing outlets ?
  • How do I promote my products ?. The potential area…
  • How can I improve distribution efficiency & effectively ?
    • The distribution as part of the marketing mix - 4Ps, 4-th is Place, ensuring the availability of products on the market…
  • Whether the business was in high-risk areas ?
  • etc


#LBS Solution – Business Process

To achieve New Business Insight, there are several stages of the business process, such as :



#LBS Solution – Methods

Location Based Services has several methods to break down a variety of business challenges:

  1. Gain an Accurate Description of Your Customer (Customer profiling)
    Solving almost any sales and marketing challenge starts with knowing who your customer is. We help you find out who your best customers are and apply location analysis techniques to discover where to find more of them

    Customer profiling services create descriptive segments or groups of your customers. Each segment has specific defining characteristics. A customer segment is not as simple as applying a demographic label, such as "women age 45-54" or "businesses with revenue >$500 million."
    Those descriptions alone won't tell you enough about your customer. For example, not all women age 45-54 have the same tendency to purchase your products. So a profile like this may not help you much, and you may waste resources marketing and selling to the wrong people.

    That's why we take a more comprehensive and disciplined approach to customer profiling. We use your own customer data, lifestyle cluster data, and analytical techniques. The result is a more accurate description of your customer that can be used to identify areas where you can find more of your best customers.

  2. Market Potential and Market Sizing Analysis
    Market analysis services help you know the economic opportunity available to you in any geographic market. Whether you sell to consumers, to businesses, or both, market sizing provides intelligence you need to deploy sales and marketing resources effectively.

    Let's say you sell reverse mortgages and your ideal customer is 65 years of age or older and owns a home valued at $150,000 or higher.
    Find out "who" your customer is (Customer profiling services), we will then perform market potential analysis using market data, demographics and/or lifestyle clustering systems to find areas where high concentrations of your ideal customer live.
    From there, it's ranking the potential markets and deploying resources by selecting locations of branches or performing targeted direct marketing.
    What's the market potential for your products and services?

  3. Trade Area Analysis
    Trade area analysis and mapping describe the characteristics of the area around a store or network of stores. Without accurate trade area definitions, you cannot measure the key statistics that impact a store's performance.

    Trade area analysis and mapping tell you:

    • Where a store's customers are coming from
    • How many customers you have in a trade area
    • Where to look for more customers

    Benefits of Trade Area Analysis :

    • Identify gaps or overlaps in the market coverage of your existing store network, and make corrections by opening, closing or moving stores
    • Make better site selection decisions by using characteristics of existing trade areas to predict trade areas around potential locations
    • Define a geographic area to analyze for market potential, market penetration, and competitive threats
    • Become more efficient and effective at target marketing by reaching out only to those customers and prospects in a store's trade area
    • Use as a key input into customer profiling.
  4. Sales Territory Alignment, Design and Optimization
    Sales organizations often change. Sales management needs to change sales territories as well. Key customers, sales people, sales managers, products, and competitors come and go. Each of these factors impacts sales productivity and creates the need for sales territory analysis. Sometimes just a small sales territory realignment can have a big impact on your sales force productivity.

    Sales territory management is a critical and ongoing process to help maximize sales productivity and revenue. When was the last time your company underwent a sales territory alignment project or created new sales territory maps?

    Is Your Sales Force Productive?

    Optimized sales territories that are compact in size and aligned to each other without gaps will help you achieve a number of measurable and sustainable benefits including:

    • Better customer coverage and customer service leading to increased productivity and sales revenue
    • Increased sales by prioritizing accounts with the most potential
    • Reduced costs of sales through shorter travel times - often called 'windshield time' - and associated travel expenses
    • Improved morale, performance and tenure of sales people due to equitable distribution of accounts and a level playing field for achieving rewards
    • Competitive advantage through the ability to reach new opportunities faster than your competitors

    If Your Territories are Not Balanced . . .
    Studies show that 80% of companies are missing 2-7% of unrealized sales because their territories are misaligned. Poorly aligned and unbalanced territories have negative consequences. They include:

    • Missed revenue from not reaching all potential customers
    • Higher sales costs due to excessive travel times and expenses
    • Inefficiencies due to duplication of efforts among sales team
    • Low morale and high sales force turnover due to inequitable territories that reward the size of the territory over individual effort
    • Poor or excessive customer coverage due to territories too large or small
    • Sales management missing revenue goals
  5. Site Selection
    Customer analysis and demographic analysis are essential to choosing the best retail store locations. You won't want to make decisions without knowing the profile of your best customers and the demographics of the area you are considering for store network expansion.

    Where are there More Customers Like Yours?
    We should re-phrase that: Where are there more customers like your best customers?
    Reality is, not all your customers are ideal.

    • Some customers purchase infrequently, don't spend much money, or have no loyalty, yet manage to consume a lot of your selling resources.
    • Other customers are stars: frequent purchasers, fiercely loyal, open to cross-sell and up-sell offers. These are the customers you want more of.

    We will help you find more of these customers with our site selection services

  6. DB Development
    Various types of external data required to support LBS Solution, such as outlet  data(customer), demographic data, socio-economic data, financial and business data, etc. , even unstructured data from social media such as Twitter, facebook etc.
    Methods of collecting data :

    • Outlet census
    • Retail audit survey
    • Customer Online survey
    • Collecting data from government and private agencies
    • Data mining from online news and social media

# LBS Solution – Related to Products & Services

Product :

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Services :

  • Application Services
  • Map Services
  • Survey & Data Collection
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Consultancy