The use of online maps in the business today has become an important part to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, enhance competitiveness, improve the quality of customer service, even mandatory for certain types of businesses such as transportation, distribution and logistics.
It is realized in line with advances in web-based mapping technology, the availability of Internet access and the availability of online map services such as Google maps, Bingmap, Apple Map etc.

is online map product that has been developed by PT ICT (PT ICTindo Mitra Solusi) for over 12 years, starting from the digital road map needs to support the application Routing Distribution at PT Coca-Cola Distribution Indonesia (Th. 2002).
Klikpeta.STREETmap is a local product of digital maps of Indonesia with coverage of national territory as an alternative solution to existing online maps.


Why Klikpeta.STREETmap  ?

Klikpeta.STREET has several advantages :

  1. Allows implementation in the Corporate Intranet
    Klikpeta.STREETmap Map Server can run on internal corporate IT infrastructure, so the need for map services do not need online access to the Internet. This will ensure the security of corporate data and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of map service for corporate internal division concerned.
  2. Support Offline  Mobile Map
    Klikpeta.STREETMap services can generate a map of a particular area (multi zoom level) in one file (SQLite map-tiles) to be stored on the smartphone to the needs of specific mobile applications. The advantage is the use of mobile applications do not depend on Internet access for the needs of the map, which in turn will save pulses and avoid signal conditions 3g / 4g which are not always available in all regions.
  3. Supports the creation and storage of special map layer
    Some types of businesses have a need to make a more specific map layers, such as the ‘jalan tikus' or specific objects in the field should be drawn in detail and stored as trade area, such as floor plans shop in shopping malls and so on.


Technical specification

Klikpeta.STREETmap meet the criteria : informative, complete, accurate and up to date are relatively fit the needs of GIS and LBS solutions today, especially economically, with the technical specifications :


  • Horizontal        : Datum Geodesy National 1995
  • Vertical            : Mean Sea Level (MSL)
  • Spheroid          : WGS 1984
  • Map Projection : UTM/Geographic (Long, Lat)
  • Optimal Scale   : 1 : 5,000

Layer Composition

  • Coverage area : all Indonesia
  • Boundaries : Province, District, Sub District, Village, Poscode
  • Road segments class (topological) : Toll, Arterial (primary, secondary ), Collector  (primary,  secondary) and local
  • Road segments Attribute : road name, direction, classification
  • Specific road segment  : u-turn, under pass, fly over, overpass, toll ramp way, toll gate
  • Transportation lane : crossing lane, shipping line, rail
  • POINT OF INTEREST : 200 types of POIs Classification, Topo-name
  • City land covers classification : Housing , RTH/Taman, Commercial (business and trading), Industrial Area
  • Trade center : business & trade center, office center, tourism
  • Selected buildings : office building, apartment, hotel, mall etc.
  • OTHER  LAYERS :  Hydrographic (river, lake etc.), General vegetation(forest, field, garden etc.)