Klikpeta.LBS – Product Overview

Klikpeta.LBS is an online application services based on web-GIS technologies that provide business solutions in a location perspective. Through this application, businessman gain a new perspective that is New Business Insight! in managing its business for the expected targets.



Application Features

Klikpeta.LBS application has many excellent features, such as :

  • Web based and runs in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • With the widget, the application is easy to use through the 5 steps for each module
    1. Select are or location
    2. Create thematic map
    3. Use analytical tools
    4. Create report
  • The report can be downloaded (pdf and excel format), can also be stored on the server so it can be accessed again
  • The entire map and the data are already available, and can be used*.

* Klikpeta.LBS will develop the functionality to allow users to integrate their own corporate data securely (under development).


Klikpeta.LBS Modules

  1. Customer Profilling
    • Find out "who" your customer is
    • Gain a foundation for successful marketing & selling activity
    • Use customer profiles to help select profitable sites
  1. Market Potensial Analysis
    • Discover demand for your products & services
    • Rank & prioritize markets to enter
    • Find unfulfilled potential in existing markets
  1. Trade Area Analysis
    • Discover where customers come from
    • Understand market areas around store/office locations
    • Predict trade areas for new locations
      • Mapping existing customers in relation to store locations
      • Calculating distance/drive times from customers to store locations
      • Determining all variables that define and impact your trade areas
      • Developing a model for predicting trade areas around new sites
  1. Sales Territory Management
    • Align territories to boost revenue & productivity
    • Proactively address organizational change 
    • Foster equality and commitment among sales team
  1. Site Selection
    • Choose sites based on market potential
    • Identify the best retail tenants for your location
    • Site selection analysis includes impact on store network


Demographic & SEC Data

Presentation of socioeconomic and demographic data in thematic maps from the provincial level to the village, such as: maps of population density, per capita income map, etc. It could even be generated in the area of business such as sales area, branch and regional areas so they can be compared directly with corporate data such as sales volume, etc.


Demography Data & SEC (per village)

  1. Population Data
    • Number of population
    • Population density
    • Number of Households (HH)
    • Population by gender
    • Population by age
  1. Economic Potential Data
    • Number of school
      • Pre-school
      • Elementary
      • Junior
      • Senior
      • Univ
    • Number of Health Facility
      • General hospital
      • Maternity hospital
      • Policlinics
      • Pharmacy
      • Drug store
    • Number of worship place
    • Number of Entertainment spots
      • Cinema
      • Pub/bar/discotheque
    • Number of fixed telephone subscribers
    • Number of wartel
    • Number of warnet
    • Number of business activity
      • Wet market
      • Non permanent market
      • Mini market
      • Restaurant
      • ‘Warung/rumah makan’
      • Store/Grocery store
      • Hotel
      • Motel/hostel
    • Urban score
    • Universe
    • SEC class
  1. Socioeconomic Data
    • GDRP
    • Income Percapita
    • Average GDRP per HH
    • Labor Force Participation Rate
    • Population by type of activity
      • Economically active
        • Working
        • Looking for work
        • Total
      • Not Economically Active
        • School
        • House keeping
        • Other
        • Total
    • Population 7-24 years age – attending school
      • Male (in age range)
      • Female (in age range)
    • Number of HH by source of drinking
    • Number of HH by source of lighting
    • Population by HH expenditure class
    • Household by HH expenditure class