Klikpeta.DMS - Product Overview

In today’s highly competitive environment, most of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies have to improve distribution system that meets customer need, blocks the competitors and minimize costs altogether. In addition Sales Managers often face the complex task of planning sales territories to balance workloads and maximize sales, then creating route systems to direct both their sales force and distribution personnel toward effective and cost-savings operations.

Klikpeta.DMS is a product of information technology applications that provide convenience to the Distributor company in the management of sales and distribution in an integrated and online by the Sales Manager, Warehouse Manager to salesmen and delivery-man in the field.

Generally Klikpeta.DMS include functions:

  • Warehouse Inventory
  • Call Plan Management (based on Sales Territory & Route Planning)
  • Order Management
  • Invoicing
  • Dispatch & Loading
  • Delivery Settlement
  • SFA Mobile App :
    • Taking order
    • Payment collection
    • Merchandising
    • Delivery settlement
    • Outlet survey


Business Process

The business processes are used in Klikpeta.DMS applications is the life cycle of a business distributor as shown below :

  • Inventory Management, to manage goods (products) in warehouses to be distributed to the customer (outlet)
  • Visit Salesman Outlet, an order-taking activities (pre-sell), collection and other activities if necessary (such as: merchandising, audit) at the outlet. Orders data will be sent directly from the mobile device to the server for the next process (invoicing).
  • Dispatching, planning the delivery of products to each outlet as efficient and as effective as possible by considering various factors such as the shortest distance, the capacity of the vehicle, road traffic and so on. The output of dispatching proses are picking list and delivery list.
  • Picking & Loading, Based on the results of dispatching, then made a picking list of products for load-in to each vehicle
  • Delivery, based on the delivery list, the product delivery is executed
  • Settlement, is the process of handing over the product to the customer



Why Klikpeta.DMS ?

Some important factors that should be considered to achieve success in the management of the distribution system :

  • Territory arrangement between a salesman in a balanced manner, taking into consideration factors: the potential economics of the region, geographical conditions and road traffic, outlet density etc.
  • By making route visits are effective, the driving time can be minimized, on the other hand in the outlet time increases, so the quality of services provided by the salesman to the outlet can be improved
  • Monitor and control the movement of personnel activities in the field with GPS tracking to ensure all activities on schedule
  • Minimizing the problem of data communication in mobile SFA, especially when downloading and uploading of data with limited 3G signal.

Klikpeta.DMS has application features that support key success factor mentioned above :

    • Territory Balancing
      Balancing Territory is a large territory divide into smaller territory in a balanced manner based on a certain parameter (customer, number of visits, service time or sales) performed by choice :
      • Based on the number of customers per territory
      • Based on the number of visits per territory
      • Based on the amount of service time (service time) per territory
      • Based on sales (sales) per territory

    • Service Day Balancing
      Balancing Service Day is to share a small territory into a working day for a week in a balanced with the option:
      • Based on the number of customers per working day
      • Based on the number of visits per working day
      • Based on the amount of service time (hours of service) per working day
      • Based on sales (sales) per working day

    • Route Building
      Route Building is making the visit (the order of visits or RSL) of grouping customers on every working day to obtain the fastest or shortest route.
      Route attributes displayed with the following information : sequence number of visits,  Name of customer, Address customer, distance, arrival time, leave time, driving time,  service time, sales.

    Klikpeta.DMS is integrated with GPS Tracking to monitor the movement of salesmen, delivery man and vehicle in the field (provided by Klikpeta.MCS product)
    Klikpeta.DMS is integrated with the Location Intelligence applications that are useful for analyzing the economic potential of an area and the risk factors based on geographical conditions (Provided by Klikpeta.LBS product)