Global route to market strategy

1. **Market Research:**
– Conduct thorough market research to understand consumer preferences, trends, and competitors.
– Identify target demographics, their needs, and buying behavior.

2. **Product Positioning:**
– Clearly define your product’s unique selling points (USPs).
– Position your product in a way that resonates with the target audience.

3. **Distribution Channels:**
– Evaluate and select appropriate distribution channels (e.g., retail, e-commerce, wholesalers).
– Ensure a seamless and efficient supply chain.

4. **Retail Partnerships:**
– Cultivate strong relationships with retail partners.
– Provide incentives and support to encourage optimal product placement.

5. **Online Presence:**
– Establish a robust online presence through e-commerce platforms.
– Leverage social media and digital marketing for brand visibility.

6. **Branding and Packaging:**
– Develop a compelling brand identity that communicates value.
– Design packaging that attracts attention and aligns with brand messaging.

7. **Promotions and Marketing:**
– Implement targeted marketing campaigns to create awareness.
– Offer promotions and discounts to stimulate initial consumer interest.

8. **Customer Engagement:**
– Foster a community around your brand through social media and customer forums.
– Collect and analyze customer feedback to enhance products and services.

9. **Point of Sale (POS) Materials:**
– Provide appealing POS materials for retailers to promote your products effectively.
– Ensure consistency in branding across various touchpoints.

10. **Training Programs:**
– Conduct training programs for sales staff to enhance product knowledge.
– Empower retail partners to effectively communicate product benefits.

11. **Data Analytics:**
– Utilize data analytics to track sales performance and consumer behavior.
– Adjust strategies based on insights gained from analytics.

12. **Adaptability:**
– Stay agile and adapt the route-to-market strategy based on market dynamics.
– Continuously monitor and respond to changing consumer preferences.

By integrating these elements into your route-to-market strategy, you can create a comprehensive and humanized approach that resonates with consumers and fosters long-term success in the consumer goods industry.

Hans Perdana

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