PT ICTindo Mitra Solusi (PT-ICT), is a software house, established in 2004, by deed No 25, Date 01/21/2004 – growth fast with professionals skill and supported by experienced management in fields of ICT (Information & Communication Technology).

We utilize the new and future technology with considering long term operational continuity.
PT-ICT develops mission achieving excellence and competency of Information and Communication Technology, and also initiating implementation of ICT exactly, safety and economic in all process of design, development and implementation.





Sales Forces and Agent Management System – Branchless Banking, 
Bank BTPN, 2014 - 2015

Sales Force & Agent (SFA) Management System provides territory and sales  management systems that able to manage agents and sales forces

PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia (SEIN), 2015
CE – Automation System is an integrated application that will be used to collect and input the data (Merchandizer Activity, RIS, Sell Out and Retail/Trade Marketing) from the fields (stores) are submitted online to the server to generate reports & decision support

Market Intelligence System (MIS),
HM Sampoerna Tbk., 2014-2015
Objective of this application is to implement a more automated data collecting mechanism and report generation using new developed applications: Mobile (Android) MIS and Web MIS. This application uses data communication system : 3G and  SMS simultaneously (to reach rural areas and plantations). It is equipped with modem pooler



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